Friday, May 14, 2010

Blood test?

One of my pet hates to have blood extracted from my arm. My first cycle of blood tests, and every two days more bloody blood tests, my body was reacting to the chemotherapy, so I had to endure this continuously for three weeks, dreaded every second day of more blood tests. As time prevails my body, mind, weight dissipated and the last thing I had to do is give more blood, weak and fragile I forced myself to have a shower, cool myself off, while waiting for Roslyne to show up. By drawing the curtains, door wide open, the breeze helped a lot, the cool air gave me hope to carry on. Cycle 2 of chemotherapy, Karen from the Oncology Research Team gave me three sheets of blood to take, I jumped for joy knowing the blood tests were three lots less, instead of nine bloody blood tests that I had to do beforehand.
One of these many instances we drove to Apollo Drive Labtests for blood to be taken, so one of the Phlebotomist was extracting blood and kept inserting the needle, feeling queasy and sick, she summoned one of the nurses to come and help, I was to sit on the floor and mentioned to the nurse once you put me on the floor it is awkward for me get on my feet, so they found a bed and blood was taken, thank goodness! Feeling better we arrived home without any hiccups. Two weeks ago another test was done, once again the same Phlebotomist was extracting blood from my vein and felt sick again, so the nursing staff came to my aid and l was to lie on the floor. A nasty bruise appeared and developed into a larger bruise that took about one month to disappear, so no more bloody marks on my body otherwise bruising is on the increase. When I came round I vowed that I wouldn't have this problem again and yesterday Shirley summoned me into the room, extracted the blood without any problems, feeling fabulous we drove home. James & I drove over to the Janice of Wyoming super yacht and met up with Shelly to watch 2 movies and junk food for us to munch on, quenching our thirst with bottled water? Movies were mediocre, in between did the crossword puzzles, television is tolerably and I allowed these two to watch without any interruptions? We left around about 7:00 pm loaded with goodies from Shelly, thank you so much dearest friend. A comfortable evening and slept well that night, my body is coping with the drugs and JR is watching me at all times monitoring my temperature, and any drugs I need to take if I am unwell. He is my savour a dear man that enjoys my company in my unfashionable manner, spoiling me too, love you sweet pea, love of my life.

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