Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wahine in strife!

Kia kaha! (be strong!) As Clem mentioned to me when I phoned to see how Nelda was. His words have been with me and will stay forever.
It is true that Maori wahine's survival rate is lessening and the Pacific Island women are even greater. So what does this mean? Message is to be a spokesperson, be a voice and speak from the heart about the journey, an invitation to what I believe in and talk to women and men who care.
Talking is a great way for recovery, a process talk openly and ask questions and hopefully answers, to become informed and pseak your mind. Until you have been in this situation, you will know, I am living proof of this deadly disease CANCER, this is controversial, from sensitive issues and majority are favourable, however, there are women who believe in what's install for the outcome?
Cycle 4 last Tuesday and now this is Friday, my white blood count is 1.6 pretty low after chemotherapy, I believe my blood count will improve and recovery is before cycle 5 is due in three weeks time. Down ward spiral is quite common with cancer survivors, as you are aware I am in bed again, chemo brain plays havoc on your mind, reading is the only alternative, so plenty of books to read, therapeutic and great for my sanity? James is a marvel, cooking, cleaning house, vacuuming as well, laundry and folding clothes from the dryer, his only problem is ironing is not for to do, bugger! I envisioned that being a domesticated house husband, ironing is least on his mind and to iron the clothes is much better, cleaner, neater and placed in a space that I look upon as thorough and fabulous. Ironing is not for at this stage, so in time I will get back to enjoyment in life a cleaner, healthier household. Anyway, James cleans the ceiling as the mildew is everywhere and does a fabulous job of cleaning these areas, the house is a older style home, so every year is one of our tasks to clean this place, he achieves this without any problems, superman my hero husband.

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