Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chemo brain back again?

The same scenario as previously, Roslyne arrived at 6:40 am on Monday morning. so we proceeded to pick-up Beatrice as usual. Arrived early, the traffic was great for us and at the Oncology Department, I'm afraid we are not alone, a lot of people were waiting in the queue for their appointment, we are one of the many! Ascended downstairs to the Radiation area and made ourselves at home until Beatrice to be radiated. However the machine needed to be repaired before we were to continue, bugger! Upstairs again, so what to do? Working on the jigsaw puzzle, a lovely scenery of people at the circus, frolicking around this area, bustling and having a grandiose time, enjoying the activity that eventuated that day. Along came this woman who invited to help me with the jigsaw puzzle, mainly the sky formation and the pathway to fill in the gaps. This woman was waiting for her "baby?" to have radiation and lo and behold baby Gladys (her partner!) arrived for treatment.
This wahine is from Ngaruawaihia, is on the waiting list because of her heart problems, surgery in four months time, tattoos, doesn't smoke thank goodness, and a affable person to talk to. Minding my own business busying myself to solve this mystery puzzle another wahine joined in and helped me and I am intrigued. This woman's daughter has a tumour on her brain, and she is living at the Domain Lodge. She has a 7 year old son living in Hamilton, her daughter has another six weeks of radiation treatment, bless her heart and soul little darling.
The process of elimination to finish this bloody puzzle to no avail because Beatrice had radiation which takes about ten minutes to complete, and than we adjourned upstairs for my treatment at 9:30 am in the Day Surgery on the ground floor. Apparently the staff had problem with the medication so I had to wait for the Oncology nurse Catherine to escort me inside for chemotherapy treatment. Since the previous 2 cycles, chemotherapy has gotten better, so off to one of the rooms to be treated on the bed instead of previously on the chair. Making myself comfortable as possible, Roslyne as patient as ever waited until the taxotere was administered and left to drop off Beatrice at her home in Glen Eden. Beatrice had other things on her mind, smoking again, bugger! This wahine needs to quit instead of killing herself by smoking incessantly, lung cancer is rampant, especially with Maori, statistics have shown that this killer is on the increase and you are one of the many, which is a shame. Also, Beatrice wanted to be dropped off in the city to do some shopping but Roslyne realised that it is not on and instantly took Beatrice home. The radiation has made Beatrice tired and sleepy. Roslyne arrived back at the hospital and I was eating lunch and we ate together, offering me grapes that were yummy. My neighbour Toro an attractive Samoan woman and husband Tonga who dotes on his lovely wife, bought her muffins from Muffin Break cafe. I introduced myself to Toro who works for Bunnings in Penrose Head Office as a payroll clerk. Toro also knows my neighbor Mathew Southerden a young man who works with Toro on a daily basis. Mathew works and travels around various branches throughout NZ as a team leader for the company, working mainly on the daily basis for payroll, an invaluable asset having this man around the place, so Bunnings you have a winner! We chatted and laughed for awhile, thinking that Toro was finished with her treatment for today to no avail, she had one more drug to be administered intravenously before she can go home. A vivascious woman, we said goodbye until our visit in three weeks time, then left to go home. Feeling great and arrived home at 3:00 pm as Roslyne had to meet up with Dale her manager for the presentation that she will talking about at Orakei Marae and not having any inclination what it is for, bugger? Being intuitive and smart they would manage with a professional attitude to get their message across to the public. She left and around about 5:00 pm James arrived home.
This is day five now and in two days time my blood count will be at a low, so I monitor by checking on my temperature to see whether I am sicker than usual, at this stage I am so ready to meet Shelly at the Viaduct basin, the super yacht is in port and we will meet her around about 5:30 pm or later on this afternoon. Chemo brain does wonders for me, my thoughts are favourable and precise, my mind is racing a bit so I will rest up for an hour or so before we leave to pick up Shelly. Shelly is an remarkable woman, learned, well travelled and knowledgeable about her experiences, it is great to be re-united again. Shelly will stay with us for awhile until her next adventure, some exotic country and cooking gourmet meals that you can not imagine, lucky lady!

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