Sunday, April 18, 2010

Waka blond wig (Canoe blond wig)

The wonder bra or wig is a testament of fashionistas, so watch out, Vi's in Auckland city and alive to tell the story. This wig is about four weeks old now, getting use to the blond wig, people complimented on my new profile, feeling great and proud to wear this wig.
Wednesday morning Roslyne my partner in crime, a woman whose intellect is so enriching, she arrived at my the house to me pick-up and purchase the blond wig I envisioned will suit me or kill my reputation, trying a wig that is suitable to my skin, colouring and facial features. Here is goes, with the chemo brain, I am a worthless cause and Roslyne is unfamiliar territory in the city area, Pitt St, K'rd onward to Wig Consultants on Karaka Street in Newtown. My brain functioned reasonably well, giving directions to Roslyne with ease, my chemo brain and Roslyne's driving skills we were in top shape, nothing with our brains are better than no brain at all, so this Roslyne's suggestion?
Driving up the main street, we stopped and I walked into this wig store, the same setup as place we had in mind, this young lady did not know of Karaka Street, bugger and she works there, this is concern. Back in the car and Roslyne with her sleuth instinct found this street which is around the corner from where we were at, so off to this place of beauties will parade around the store and feeling fabulous. Eventually we arrived, staff were busily doing what they need to do, Owners same too. The consultant ushered to a comfortable sit, feeling a bit disorientated, Roslyne continuously talking to me while this young girl checked out various wig, Brown colour made me look like an old woman, the wigs were no differently, after ten attempts I mentioned to this girls I always envisioned wearing a waka blond wig. So instantly she came out with two wigs, tried on one of the wigs and looked okay, that's look is promising, off this wig and the attempted to try on the other wig, closed my eyes and hoped for the best or worst of my outlook? Lo and behold, the wig fitted like a glove, opened my eyes, Roslyne's surprised look on her face and said I looked beautiful, smiles all around as this young girl rearranged my wig with ease. I looked beautiful, enraptured and smiles all the out of the shop. Other staff members came to investigate and were impressed by the response, jublilated and loved my wig, there was no charge, $400.00 of a synthetic wig for me to wear at all times. Roslyne could not believe the transformation, a sick chemo woman (me) to a radiated beauty queen, I am beautiful and proud of my fashionable wig of the century. This young went through the process how to care for the wig, be aware that inflammable substances is not kosher and will burn rapidly, candles and heaters are a no no, listening with intent while reading the instructions.
Homeward bound, another check list is a blood test in Glenfield Lab test, shopping and home James for the duration of the day. James is teaching at Uxbridge today and tonight, so I received a lovely text saying I love you before commencing class and replied with the ditto response.
Wearing the wig has a new lease on life, a grandiose transformation this has given me, people stare and comments are electrifying. About two weeks ago we decided to catch a bu sinto the city, North Star to Brittomart Station, lunch is prepared fluids to drink, we walked up Queen Street, hoping to check out the Art Gallery on Lorne Street, the weather is perfect hot and humid, so we walked until we walked to Myer Park next door to Upper Queen Street. Instantly walked, observing people eating food on the bunch, birds eating the orts and one pretty girl is crocheting a orange blanket, diligently working on her task, listening to an ipod, we sitted about twenty feet away, birds hungrily picking at whatever that was thrown at the birds. Lunch is on the agenda, muffins were a day older, so JR feed this to the birds, a flurry of seagulls, sparrows and pigeons scurrying around the area to devour the crumbs. Besides feeding the birds, teenagers swinging merrily on the swings, laughing and playing silly games to each other, priceless and kids playing the slides and jungle gym, precious indeed! James positioned me while he took photographs of me in the fore and background, posing while sitting and standing overlooking the city area, capturing the skyscrapers in the distance. Photos were taken, we left Meyer Park was gifted to the people in this area, we are so lucky to discover this prime location for the people to enjoy this beautiful city, adjacent to Queen Street. Walking downtown to Brittomart, people walking and enjoying there ipod, people bustling about the place, eating from restaurants, cafes, ice-cream parlours, fast food places, I'm amazed that Kiwis and other ethnic cultures eat far to much food, devouring as if it is no tomorrow, how sorrowful my people are, obese and heart attack material, observing while wearing this wig. This baffles me, because when I was intact, both breasts attached and feeling fabulous, now I look at my life from another perspective and watch with interest who much food is killing my people rapidly? " What does this mean?" Arrived at the destination, and caught the bus home for yummy Asian style cooking tonight, I'm cooking again and loving the recipe with bated breath, double checking every detail that is included in my preparation, Asian cooking I enjoy very much. Food was tasty, spicy and yummy too!!!!! Until chemo cycle 3 I will sign off for now, as I am tired after typing a lot this morning and my body tells me to rest up for the day, Vi, so I am listening to MY BODY, REST!!!!!!!!

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