Thursday, April 29, 2010

Share knowledge spread hope!

That's about it? Share knowledge and spread hope. Where and why I should start? I am one of millions of cancer survivors, wahine have the highest fatality worldwide, this is a tragedy I pray to God for solace and hopefully get my message across for all women, all ethnic women who are interested. One of my friends is Peter Loft from Achilles International New Zealand is encouraging all athletes with a disability, the mission is "Hope and Possibility", the aim is to focus on the positive in all people, relish the moment and finish a marathon. That is one of my main goals in life the fourth marathon coming up in 2011, walking the New York City Marathon. Peter named it Vi's marathon - Life's Journey 2011? There are no guarantees in life, so hope for the best and go forward to strive for the ultimate dream, live a fruitful lifestyle and beat this deadly disease that plagues my body, bugger!
Last Friday we received an email from Shelly Pollard to say that she has arrived at the Viaduct Basin on this super yacht, followed by a phone call too! James teaches at 1:00 pm, so my chemo brain hadn't reared it ugly head yet, feeling fabulous I waited for him to arrived at 4:00 pm so we can pick-up Shelly. Around 4:45 pm we drove down to the end of the wharf and Shelly appeared as ever, relaxed and needed her space by getting off this super yacht and be at our place to unwind and be free again. She showed us this magnificent yacht, teak furnishings, every whistle and bell attached by pressing a button, automatic opening and more buttons to press and instant satisfaction, sheer extravagance and opulence. Shelly stayed in the guest bedroom, luxurious and comfortable, cozy and she was snug in bug in a rug, lucky lady! The galley is out of this world, food prepared after customs confiscated the remainder foods, strict rules implemented due to the food control,contamination and so on. Shelly showed us the yacht, spotless, clean fanatics patrolled the super yacht, anyway she took out food that was prepared earlier today for us to eat, couscous, mahi mahi, mocha cheesecake, potatoes mashed, we are living in paradise without traveling overseas. I have known Shelly for 26 years from living in California, and James has known her for close to 30 years, so we are family, friends and a close relationship that will continue for the next 50 years. Shelly stayed with us about 3 years ago and loved NZ so much that she highly recommends that to everyone in Cambria to get off their asses and join us in this piece of paradise. Beautiful weather, sunny days, plenty to talk about, James and Shelly were babbling brooks, while I had chemo brain and off to bed to read my book, while they are in deep conversation about their travels. The television is a no no for me, the noise disturbs me and it is better not to watch the box, my choice is to read and feel fully satisfied by reading a great book and resting my weary body. They watch television with the volume at a reasonable level not to disturb me thank goodness, I appreciate their respect.

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