Thursday, April 8, 2010


I awoke earlier than usual around 2:30 - 3:00 am on Tuesday morning 6th April and waited with anticipation to arise to the occasion. While lying in bed , my husband sleeping soundly I heard the call of the morepork or ruru hooting about six times and flew off to find his next morsel, rat, mouse or insects that are looking for a meal or two. This did not surprise me of Nelda Tairua, who was diagnosed with brain cancer, she came to visit before she passed away. Yes! Nelda passed away this morning, bless her heart, multi-faceted beautiful lady of many talents.
I couldn't stand this anymore so I prepared myself organising my clothes how appropriate it is for me a wear violet or purple suit I bought about 15 years ago, colourful blouse that I had missed and stored in the plastic container and to this blouse or recycle and give the blouse to people who will need it more than me. Preparation for clothes to is a task in itself, my prosthesis and bra, blouse, neckwear to decorate the neck area, earring as I lost the other pair in Salt Lake City, Utah, so I am the lonesome earring keeper of lonely earrings as we speak.
Showered and feeling so good to welcome the day, the make-up is not one on my favourite list to make me beautiful (So what is beauty, in the eyes of the beholder!) in a nutshell. Last but least the Waka blond wig (canoe blond wig) arranging the synthetic hair piece is becoming and wear this with pride, because of my hair is virtually shaved and looking bald, so what better way to exercise my right than wear this hair piece.
James awoke and got out of bed after I had disturbed his peace, and waited for Roslyne to arrive at the house at 6:20 am, and is late due to the traffic from Hadfield, Orewa area. Eventually she arrived at the house, beautiful and vivacious as usual a pleasure to know this Roslyne, mentor, friend, awhi me and a woman that tautoko all women in this matter. Roslyne's passion to help all women especially the human element, contact she is partial too and executes this with ease, a talented brilliant woman I have an utmost respect for.
Before we were to leave to pick up Beatrice in Glen Eden, I happened to pass this onto Roslyne about yesterday's (Monday afternoon at Meyer Park, city area) I enlightened her about the photo session JR took of me feeding the birds and exposing myself to the elements. Quite impressive I must say, capturing the essence of nature in its true sense, life's miracle me in question? Trying to make sense of this matter, while JR focused on the subject matter that contributed to artistic provocation without any intrusion, so be it. Slide was in progress, Roslyne was amazed from the transformation and how realistic photographs does to enhance a person's image without realising it. Impressive, we left and travelled in this congestive traffic on this glorious morning to Glen Eden. Finally we arrived at Beatrice's place to be transported to the Oncology ward for treatment. Of course she smokes and stinks as well, besides that we prattled on until arriving at reception to be summoned about my appointment. Before I was to proceed we were early and change of events allowed us time to get our bearings and relax comfortable before Beatrice had her appointment for Radiation. She is one of the wahine and was a diagnosed with breast cancer, a partial mastectomy, lymph nodes were negative, thank goodness. Hiccups do occur and of course this is exactly what happened, typical and the Engineers trying to rectify the problem without anymore delays. At last Beatrice was radiated, making sure she has plenty of Aqueous cream to apply to her breast so she can not have any problems later on. This was at 9:25 am and my appointment was at 9:30 am chemotherapy treatment, so another dilemma that was corrected. At that time the Oncology nurse called the house and spoke to JR wondering where I am at, his comment is we left at 6:30 am and thought we were in good hands under the care of Roslyne, bugger! When does this ever end more bloody hiccups, we were summoned back upstairs and the eager oncology team, Karen waited with bated breath for me to appear. The staff were ushered us back downstairs to the ward 4 for the interview and being photographed by the press from the The New Zealand Women's Weekly, they were waiting too!!! Reporter Vicky Stylers and photographer Martin were part of the scene watching every minute detail while the process that was as staff administered chemotherapy treatment, another treat, bugger. Going through the motions, I mentioned to the party that Roslyne Bowring will be present for the photo shoot, so we angled for a photo shoot while Martin positioned himself for the shot of the century, Te Ha would love this and so did I. If I can get my message out to the whanau how effective it is to be involved , ask you you will receive from the magazine, any exposure is better than no exposure at all, so this is my journey making people realise how essential that talking is a powerful tool, so by making a difference.
The interview and photographs took about 20-30 minutes later, I am happy with the results, so in two weeks time this article will be on the shelves in the supermarkets, bookstores etc., to here it is Vi in question, me in a nutshell, exposed once again? The treatment took about 5 hours of intravenous drugs in my system, feeling great, Roslyne drove me home and continued her time with Te Ha meeting wahine who were diagnosed as well, "We are all in this together", thank you Salvation Army the catchy tune. James played golf today, so I prepared dinner, stir fry rump steak pieces, bok choy and crispy noodles, a delicious meal and realise that the recipe I left the contents and wrangle this by improvising and cooked to perfection. At this stage my treatment of cycle 2 is fine, I believe it is much better than cycle number 1 after 11 days of lying horizontal while James pampered me throughout my recovery and their is more. Tell you all after my horizontal position as we speak.

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